Project Description

For his logo, our client required something clean and simple that would be easily applied to any application as well as a clearly recognisable text-based icon.

For his business cards, our client required a high quality premium card, which we implemented with a slick design on a PWC card with a foiled logo and a spot UV finish.

For his website, we followed through with the slick and sophisticated look by utilising a simple, clean and classic design with easy and intuitive functionality.

Social Ad Campaign
Financial advising doesn’t resonate as a sexy prospect, thus we focused on emotional engagement. We ran two campaigns ran simultaneously: one focusing on a case study client of his and what Ashley’s provision of services meant to this high profile client. We used a video format for this in order to relay the emotional aspect and achieve maximum impact.

The second campaign was a static image depicting relaxation and implying a sense of financial freedom, right on the verge of the festive season. The aim was to get people to engage before they get into the festive mood, directing them to make an appointment for the start of the next year.

Project Details

  • Client

    Ashley Laatz

  • Skills

    • Branding
    • Corporate Identity
    • Logo Design
    • Website Design
    • Website Development
    • Social Media Campaign
    • Marketing Strategy
Website Preview